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  1. Not sure if this is the correct forum to post-- please feel free to move or direct me to the right place if so. I'm a pediatric NP with 3 years of experience now as an NP (going into my 4th year), now updating my resume. Is it OK if I leave out my previous part-time jobs as an RN while I was still in NP school or should I still be including those?
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  3. by   djmatte
    I would generally include the experience that qualifies you for a position and organize your resume around that. Since my resume is that of a new RN, I have a section that is broken into two sets: RN experience and FNP school/clinical experience. Lower is just a general list of my most recent job titles and locations they were. After a few years and more information added to the NP side, the RN side will be sidelined. Though I will still keep the previous employment list intact.
  4. by   juan de la cruz
    I always have my RN experience on my CV because I feel like a CV should be comprehensive. The more recent NP experience are always on top so even though the early years as an RN are likely not relevant, they're on the bottom of the list anyway.