CVS requiring Supervising Physician's name

  1. I got this email today from admin. I work in California but I'm wondering if this is going to be a policy nation wide. I also work in Oregon without a supervising MD so obviously it wont' be an issue up there. Let me know if any of you have run into this. Thx.

    We have been informed that CVS is now requiring the Supervising MD name for any prescriptions sent by a Mid-level (PA or FNP).
    We are working on putting all the provider information on one document and will be sending it over to CVS. In the meantime, if a PA or FNP at your site sends a prescription to a CVS you will an error message and this likely means you will need to call and provide them with the providers supervising MD information.

    We hope to have the list ready and faxed to CVS by end of day. We will also plan on contacting other pharmacies to inquire about this new requirement and if it applies to them as well.
    Please let me know if you encounter any other challenges with CVS or another pharmacy.
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  3. by   Goldenfox
    It would be ridiculous for them to try to do this nationwide. In about half the states, the boards of nursing do not require nurse practitioners to be supervised by a physician, so there will be no physician name for them to get. If this is real, then the folks at CVS need to update themselves and their policies. This is stupid.
  4. by   AnnieNP
    Optum Rx mail order is constantly faxing me a form requesting the MD's information, and it is already on my paper and electronic Rx!!!