Critical Care interview

  1. Hi,

    I have an interview with a Pulmonary/Critical Care team and am trying to think of possible interview questions. This is my dream job so I really want to nail it. Anything you may have, please share it!

    Thank you!
    AGACNP new grad
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  3. by   ghillbert
    Things I'd want to know
    - are you an admitting or consult service?
    - will you (NP) be doing notes and billing for critical care? for E/M services? both?
    - who will be your preceptor and how do they teach
    - how independent do they see you being?
    - what do they consider valuable in your role?
    - what kind of outcomes or quality data do they collect? how do they use it?
    - will you have an opportunity to participate in research or QI?
    - any teaching responsibilities?
  4. by   CardiacDork
    How exciting. I wish you luck.
  5. by   juan de la cruz
    In terms of questions you may get asked? I've had a few ICU NP jobs where physicians were the interviewers and in all those cases, I was never asked clinical questions per se but was asked about my ICU background both as an RN and NP, the kind of units I've worked in and my role, and how committed I am in being part of the team. When I was a newer NP, there were questions about my ACNP program and the kind of clinical rotations I had. The interviews were actually more social so I never felt like I'm being grilled. From the physicians' perspective, it's never only about how good you are clinically but how well your personality will fit in with theirs and the entire team. They typically want someone confident and smart that they can work with who don't come off too aggressive.
  6. by   Nolagrace1202
    Thank you all. I accepted the position on Thursday!