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  1. Hello all,
    Three weeks into my first job as a FNP in a rural area in Arkansas. Running into a TON of people seeking "chronic pain medications". I am spending a lot of time with people who are showing up to the walk in clinic with their real agenda being narcotics. Does anyone have their patients sign any kind of notice that they do not and will not prescribe chronic pain medications? If so, could someone send me a sample?

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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Are you the PCP for these pts? Or is this like an urgent care/clinic where you have no lasting relationship?

    If they are your pts (you are the PCP), then I would refer them to a pain specialist - if its 100 miles away, its 100 miles away.

    If this is an episodic visit clinic, then I would just let the pts know individually that you don't prescribe chronic pain meds and they need a PCP who can handle this care.

    I work in nephrology and also ER also and I do give out chronic pain meds but only to a select few. Believe me if you start, they will come and knock on your door all the time! Word gets out on the streets fast!

    I personally don't think putting up signs is appropriate and might be construed by legitimate pts that if they come to you with a broken arm, they won't be given pain meds and I know that's not your intention. Good luck - stay strong!
  4. by   loganable
    I am not n NP, I am a NP wannabe. In my area the NPs have not posted signs, but the word has gotten around that they will not treat chronic pain. Get your collaborating doc on board and just refer refer refer.