Can someone tell me what a NNP does?

  1. Can anyone tell me what a NNP does on a typical day? What type of hours do they work? Any info will be greatly appreciated! Happy New Year!
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  3. by   Humbled_Nurse
    Well the ones I work with round on all the babies daily and write orders. The physican on that day will follow behind them and sign off on the progress notes and orders and possibly write additional orders. The NNP's are there 24/7 and go on all high risk deliveries and they are our "go to" person for problems or concerns with our babies, but of course if the physician is around we can go to him/her as well. They do a variety of skills such as PICC line insertion, intubation, UVC/UAC placement, lumbar punctures and chest tube placement. NNP's have a lot of responsibility and autonomy. You need to be highly skilled and very sure of yourself to be a good NNP. Most of the ones I work with have had a lot of years of Level III exp. as an RN. I would love to go to NNP school for the "book knowledge", but I have no desire to have that level of responsibility. Good luck to you!!
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    the nnp serves as health care provider in the medical management of the infant in the delivery room and/or nursery. educate parents, serve a liason between healthcare providers and the parents, serve on transport teams with high-risk neonates. perform physical exams, diagnose, order dx exams, interpret dx exams, treat, prescribe drugs. much responsibility.

    working schedule will vary among the different types of entities.