Can an AGACNP work in a clinic?

  1. Hi, I am researching the possibility of pursing an NP degree. I am not 100% sure if I want to do acute care or primary care, but was hoping there would be some flexibility if I saw a preference as I did clinicals. Three questions:

    1)how difficult is it to get hired for a clinic job, if you specialized as an AGACNP? Would they give preference to an FNP?
    2)Are some schools understanding if you decide early on that you want to transfer from AGACNP to FNP (or the opposite)?
    3)did you as an FNP or AGACNP feel that you weren't prepared for clinic (or inpatient if FNP) because you choose the opposite track?

    Thank you!
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  3. by   FullGlass
    FNP is primary care. AGACNP is acute care. If you choose the AGACNP route, you could work in an urgent care clinic. You WILL NOT be qualified to work in general primary care or most outpatient specialties.

    FNPs are NOT qualified to work in hospitals.

    Schools do not want you to switch and may not let you.

    You need to make a choice and go with it. If you decide to pursue a different specialty after becoming an NP, you can do a post master's certificate.
  4. by   djmatte
    You could probably work in a specialty clinic with the agacnp. But as pointed out, probably not ideally in primary care.
  5. by   juan de la cruz
    This has been a long standing debate because the national boards, the Consensus Model, and the state boards have not been very specific about the rules. Having said that, it's best to be smart about it and stick to the level of training you received in your program and the competencies described in your national certification as a risk management strategy.

    1. Depends on your definition of clinic. There are appropriate clinic settings for AGACNP's and many of us had that exposure in our program. Examples are Adult Cardiology, surgical specialty, Pulmonary practices that involve both in-patient rounding and hours spent in the clinic following established patients. Strict primary care provider practices would not be appropriate for AGACNP's as these are not well covered in the program.

    2. Some schools allow students to switch tracks while already admitted into a specific program. Bring it up with prospective schools.

    3. I was well prepared for various in-patient specialties as an ACNP. My rotations were 70% in-patient with the 30% spent in Cardiology clinic , Pulmonary Medicine clinic, and Adult Urgent Care. These were my choices and the school accommodated them.