Anyone work for DermOne?

  1. Hi everyone. I have one more year to go in my FNP program . Yay!!! I am interested in dermatology as a specialty, either after graduation or after some primary care experience. There are several Accredited Dermatology chains in my area. From looking online it seems as if they are owned by DermOne. From what I understand, they train new NPs, which sounds just awesome. However, I heard from one NP who interviewed with them that they require a 5 year contract, lower end pay, and quite a bit of traveling between sites. Has anyone worked for them? What was your experience? Would you recommend them?
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  3. by   mystyi
    Congrats on one more year to go ! I have work for this company for the past 14 years. It started as a small practice called Accredited Dermatology that is now known as DermOne. I think Dermatology is a GREAT field and you should at least consider it. Also we have a lot of providers to help and guide you...
  4. by   froggg123
    I interviewed with them it was a two year contract with big financial loss if you cancel before that (you basically have to pay them back for teaching your derm), the pay was based on how much money you make the company you get a low base pay and then get a certain percent the company makes in your office over 250000 each year. If you are a really hard working and good with sales I bet you can really make a lot.