Anybody else working in Pain Management?

  1. I need to touch base with another NP who happens to be working in a Pain Management area. I just started an NP position in Pain Management over a month ago and I am still trying to work out the "kinks". I am the first NP hired by this group and they are also working with me on trying to maximize my potential as a mid-level provider in this practice.

    I wanted to get some input from other NPs who work in this area, and to get some ideas of how to incorporate myself into the practice in a more efficient way...billing, protocols and procedures, compensation...etc.

    You can PM me.

    Thanks so much.

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  3. by   traumaRUs
    How cool...what are job duties? Does your practice deal more with non-pharmacological measures of pain control? Or...more medical procedures like blocks, etc?

    Hope you get some responses, I'm interested in different ways to help my chronic pain patients on dialysis.
  4. by   MaleAPRN
    Our patients vary in their degrees of pain. Many of them are on chronic opioid medications. The docs perform many invasive blocks (epidurals, stellate ganglion name a few) and I am just starting to perform trigger point/myofascial blocks. We also use TENS units, etc.

    I am beginning to bring in my experience as an APN in using and recommending to my patients both pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic means for controlling their pain (where appropriate, of course).

    I've already noticed a big difference in some patients. I've received wonderful compliments from others who have never interacted with an NP before. For example, I usually spend several minutes talking to the patients I see, whether it be in the hospital or clinic. One patient told me, "You are the first person to ever "listen" to me. A lot of the doctors usually just say hi and bye just like that."

    I'm very excited overall in working with patients with chronic pain. The fact that I am also a recent CRNA (working for the same group), working in these dual roles is such a new and exciting path for me.

    For the meantime, I am also excited to meet other APNs who may be in a dual role capacity like me. From what I know thus far, I may be the only DUAL role NP/CRNA working in the same medical group in my state.

  5. by   sirI
    Interesting, Vince. I've not met a CRNA who is certified as NP, too. Kudos to you.

    I am dual cert in OB-GYN and Family Practice. But, I do not deal with pain management.

    Hope others who are working in this area come along and ya'll can bounce off ideas.
  6. by   jer_sd
    I work as a NP for a large radiology group we have a large number of patients who have blocks, epidurals ect...

    We are slowly trying to provide a limited pain management service rather than just be block docks so this is part of my job that will grow over time.

    The dual role as a CRNA and NP woudl be fantastic. I always wish I would have considered a CRNA, but I have done RNFA, and two NP programs (working on my 3rd NP now).