Any NP's work for solo physicians?

  1. I'm a FNP with 1 year experience looking to switch jobs for one that offers a more regular schedule (M-F) due to family circumstances. I currently work 3 12's per week, weekends, holiday's and have regular call. I have been offered a potential job and I'm having trouble deciding if it's worth it or how I should negotiate to make it more palatable.

    Here's the deal:

    - Rounding on LTAC patients with a focus on Infectious Disease (Derm, Pulm & Renal disorders) and Wound care
    - Monday thru Friday
    - Flexible hours~ come when you want, see your patients and leave
    - Rounding at 2 facilities daily fairly close to home (one is 10 mins away and the other is 30 mins away)
    - No holiday's
    - No weekends
    - No call
    - Physician who is willing to teach (which is a BIG deal to me as I like to learn)
    - 2 weeks vacation (short I know, but the scheduling is flexible otherwise)
    - 12 days sick leave

    Sounds great so far, right?

    So here are my problems:

    -100k salary with me paying for my medical, dental, vision out of pocket OR 90k with him paying for medical (my base now is 98k with quarterly bonus, full benefits with the exception of designated CME money, but reimbursement of license, DPS, etc)
    -No 401k
    -No CME's
    -No reimbursement of DEA,DPS, etc

    I don't want to sound money hungry, but like everyone else I have bills to pay. He says he can't offer more money or added benefits since he is solo, but he was willing to allow me to work on a part-time basis on the weekends if I could not go full-time. I'm seriously thinking about this job because it sounds like a wonderful learning opportunity and I would enjoy the flexibility BUT I need additional compensation to make up for what is lacking benefits wise. The only possible way I'm thinking this could work is negotiating a 4 day work schedule so I could be free to work another job.

    Would any of you even seriously consider this? If not, what would you need to make you take the position? For me the biggie is lack of 401k and lack of pre-tax deductions.

    What do other NP's who work for solo MD's have as far as benefits?

    I apologize for the length and all of the questions!

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  3. by   Jules A
    One of my part-time jobs is for a solo physician owned practice however I've worked with him for many years and he pays me really good. For me it is all about business. I know how much money I bring in to the practice and there is no way I would consider changing to a job that is paying less money even if the opportunity was amazing. Yup I'm money hungry and make no apologies for it.

    It does sound like a very exciting job to me although I don't think that is the norm for what most NPs want to work so that adds to your value, imo. I'd be very low key and simply tell him the figure you will require, which for me would include an increase from my present position, and if he wants you- he will hire you. Good luck!
  4. by   Designer NP
    Thanks Jules.

    I may just consider working for him part-time to gain the experience while I continue to look for a job that pays me as much (or more!) than I make now. After sleeping on it last night I came to the same conclusion...I cannot make less than what I'm making now in terms of compensation and benefits, it's too much of a risk for me.

    In the above scenario I mentioned I could work with him on occasional weekends for extra money instead of letting the opportunity go to waste.
  5. by   carachel2
    I've worked for a solo FP MD for almost five years. Overall it has been a wonderful experience, but the extreme lack of benefits is one of the reason I am finally moving on. I did finally successfully negotiate a bit of CME and *small* amount of PTO, but I need to have access to health insurance, disability, much more PTO, etc. He has always maintained he just can't do more, but part of me suspects he just doesn't *want* to do more. I have basically my own patient panel and a good idea of what I bring to the practice but I do know his overhead is higher since it's just him. The tradeoff for me all these years has been an extremely flexible schedule and an amazing mentor who was always ok with a consult or teaching and absolutely no pushing to see more and more patients.

    I'm just rambling now but I do know historically that the solo practice guys are always going to have slim pickings for benefits for their staff. I have never been able to figure out if they just don't have it or if they just don't *want* to give it since they themselves are the ones watching over the bottom line. I think it's honorable that he is willing to up your salary 10K to compensate for the health insurance. Have you come back with a higher base of 95K PLUS the 10 K in benefits plus some CME ?