Any Emergency Room NPs in Utah?

  1. Hello Nursing Community!

    I just wanted to know if there are any NPs working in the ER in Utah? If so, which education route would you recommend (FNP, ACNP, Dual FNP/ACNP...)?

    My goal has always been to take the CRNA route, however, I find myself leaning away from the OR and towards emergency medicine.

    Sorry if this topic has been hammered already, the Nursing profession is evolving so rapidly I was just wondering what everyone would recommend.

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  3. by   CPhT2RNstudent
    A little off topic, but it is good you are moving away from CRNA if you want to live in Utah. Very few CRNA jobs in Utah. Do you work at a hospital? I would check with your ER staff. If not, call the U of U or IMED ER and see if you can shadow one of the NP's and get their opinion during the shadow.
  4. by   hik9258
    I know of two that did FNP, and work in a rural hospital. They run their freestanding clinics and do ER call every so often in the physician rotation.
  5. by   nurseman78
    I work at the University of Utah in the ER, and I have worked with a few NPs there. They work in the fast track (known as Sage), as well as in the observation unit. They also occasionally help out with traumas and in the main with procedures as needed. They are Family Nurse Practitioners, which I believe is the desired certification, as they need to be able to take any age group, even though we aren't really a pediatric hospital, we have to be able to see them if they come through the door.

    If you are interested in getting your NP, the U of U offers 1/2 price tuition for employees. They have an excellent DNP-NP program here.