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    I need some advice from anyone willing to give it. I'm an RN who is about to start a NICU position soon. I have experience working in labor and delivery, mother/baby , and well newborn nurseries. I have a BS in biology, and a BSN through an accelerated nursing program. I want to now further my education through a Masters program in Nursing. I'm contemplating either a Womens Health NP or Family NP Program. I'm interested in Women's Health, but I want to be marketable, and I haven't seen too many job opportunities for WHCNP's. Would it be better to focus on a Family NP program? Could I still work in Women's Health or an Ob/Gyn office even if I have a Family NP degree? I've never worked with children, older people, men in my nursing career. Would a Family NP program be out of my realm? Also, what are the job/salary prospects for Family NP vs WHCNP's ? By the way, the two graduate programs I'm considering ( Loyola and UIC) don't offer dual programs in Family and Women's Health NP , so I have to choose one.
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  3. by   sirI
    hello, midwestrn34 and welcome to

    i, too, am certified ob-gyn np and after a few years, sought and obtained the fnp. the former was too restrictive in the sense of job security and the latter, better job opportunities.

    much depends upon what interests you. yes, there are programs where you can obtain dual certs. you could secure the fnp and do a postgrad cert in women's health later as well.

    up to you to decide after you research your area of the state and see what the market will bear.

    good luck.
  4. by   joyrochelle
    Wow--- I think I posted this exact inquiry about a year ago ( actually probably many times!) . I am in the midst of a FNP program ( which I am despising, but thats life I guess!), am looking eagerly at finishing up and applying to frontier nursing school for their post masters certificate in womens health/NP. i cant wait!
  5. by   NPs Save Lives
    I think as a FNP you could work in Women's health without dual cert because it covers women's health in the process.. FNP is more marketable. I hate the pediatric part but will do it to get finished. I love children but sick kids scare the crap out of me. Teens are okay because they can tell you what's going on..
  6. by   joyrochelle
    yes-- I knew that going into it- yet I want to make certain that I will be well prepared to work in womens health. I am very eager to be aprt of the frontier process--- almost wish I would have done it from the get go.