ACNP/RNFA Dual role

  1. Is anyone out there currently in or has finished a dual role prog. like ACNP/RNFA? I am currently enrolled in this program and are wondering what the future holds. I just began this program and have already been approached by a cardiovasc. surgeon. This is a fairly new role from what i've been told so not many docs in my area (the south) are familiar with it. Any info on potential jobs or roles I might play upon graduation would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   babs123
    I'm finishing a RNFA program and am looking opportunities to assist. What is ACNP/RNFA and where is your program located?
  4. by   frUABgrad
    Acute Care Nurse Practioner MSN with a Registered Nurse First Assistant certification. I will be able to see patients in clinic, assist in surgery, and also manage patients in an acute care setting. The program is at The University of Alabama in Birmingham.
  5. by   babs123
    Thanks for the info.
  6. by   frUABgrad
    your are welcome
  7. by   lvICU
    This sounds interesting. How long is an RNFA program by itself?
  8. by   danceluver
    I second what IvICU has asked. How long is it normally by itself? Is the pay as good as a PA in assisting with surgeries?