2 take or not 2 take review class??

  1. Is it possible to take the FNP certification exam without taking professional review classes like fitzgerald, hollier, or barkley?? Has anyone done it before or would I be losing too much not taking the review classes. If I have been sincere in my studies since the beginning of program, is review class really necessary??? What is the secret that everyone swears by the review classes that helped them passed??

    I need to start saving money if it is absolutely necessary. I am contemplating because I took drexel NCLEX review course as RN & thought it was unnecessary expense ($450). I attended 4 days (8-3pm with 1 hr lunch) & most of the time I was sleepy (dozed often), bored, uninterested, and too much information overload. I also didnt use the material they handed out as much. I passed the first time though. I dont think it was the review class that helped me pass. I think my preparation throughout my undergrad program + practicing questions from saunders CD helped.
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  3. by   Le-Lee_FNP
    I really can't answer your question because I am still in school myself, but I too would be interested in knowing who all passed the NP exams WITHOUT taking a review course.
  4. by   sandnnw
    I didn't take a course.

    I bought three review books and this included the Fitzgerald CD. If you are disciplined and work through these books, you'll be fine.

    I made 1/2 size index cards and concentrated on my weak areas, you'll find them by taking the tests in the books. We all tend to know what are weak areas are.

    Good luck!
  5. by   criticalcareNP
    I did not take a review course and passed the FNP exam without any problem. I did get review books ( Leik and Fitzgerald) and went through all the test questions. I have just completed the acute care NP post masters and find that there is only one review book related to acute care. I am wondering if anyone has recently written the acute care exam.
  6. by   gettingbsn2msn
    I guess I do not understand why someone would need a review course if they bought the books and listened to cd's.
  7. by   FNPdude74
    I take my boards this September and I don't plan to take a review course.
  8. by   reeya
    thanks all, good to know its doable.

    i dont plan to buy the CDs either. I have fitzgerald book only. I have been making cards every semester for pharm, patho etc for class exams/quizzes and will be reusing them for boards. I still have enough time.

    one more question, how much time (days/months) did you guys dedicate yourself for board prep after graduation? were you working or not??

    thank you everyone in advance.
  9. by   sandnnw
    Don't discount those CDs. Great for the car, iPod. I found them very humorous and listened over and over again.

    I studied a few hours each day, began to focus on my weak areas, etc. The 1/2 size index cards are worth their weight in gold! Study partners helped as well, brought a lot of great questions to the team.