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Nurse Practitioner Wanting to Open CNA Program in NY

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Dear Nurse Practitioner/Entrepreneur,

It's great that you are thinking about going into business for yourself.

In most states, RNs do not need additional certification/training to train CNAs, but check with your New York State Board of Nursing. Your training program, however, needs to be certified by the state.

The New York State Department of Health regulates all state-approved Nurse Aide Training Programs (NATP). You can start by obtaining an application from them which outlines program requirements.

Among other things, they will need to approve your curriculum, and ensure that your program provides the required number of classroom and clinical hours. You may also need to establish a relationship with a facility (LTC) to use for your supervised clinical setting.

Consider creating a business plan if you have not already done so. Contact and talk with owners of CNA training programs in your state to find out more information about owning a CNA training program as a business.

Perhaps there are some CNAs or nurses from New York on site who can weigh in with home field knowledge.

Best wishes on your endeavor, we need more nurse entrepreneurs!

Nurse Beth

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