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Hello -- I'm a FNP, with about one year experience working at a Target Clinic. Looking to move down to Raleigh within the next year or two. Can anyone speak to the employment landscape for FNP's in the Raleigh area?

Any info on directions to go would be appreciated. I'd love to continue to work for Target part time or as a float, (or not) and perhaps also branch out into another area of practice. Any info would be appreciated.


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I live in East TN and this area is flooded and I am looking to move to get a job. (I graduate in 9 days!) It seems as though Raleigh does not have as many opportunities as other areas however you have experience. I have saw more posts for other areas however. I spoke with a recruiter over the phone who informed me that the southwest is in more of a need that the southeast. Good luck!

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The market is tight. There is Duke, UNC, ECU, and UNC-Greensboro all churning out NPs at a fantastic rate. If you want to work in hospice you can have my job in October. :)