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I have just become the sole owner of an ambulatory surgery center. it is a long story how this came about, but in a few words, I have been a CRNA independent contractor there for years and the previous owner (surgeon) gave me the opportunity. I invested my own money and have decided at this time, not to take on any investors, although I have many people who are interesteed.

I will continue to do most of the anesthesia and will manage the place during some dedicated time every week. So far, most of my investment money has gone into purchasing state of art equipment and redecorating. The good news is that except for the equipment purchases, I made a nice profit the first month.

Part of my business plan is to have the operating room nurses have a major role in running the facility, including an opportunity for bonuses. They have been great.

Also, I am running the place with a minimum of paperwork by streamling all activities. I believe there are too many paper pushing people in healthcare--in my facility everyone works on direct patient care or sterile processing and cleaning.

My web site is incomplete, but check it out. The before and after pictures will be posted shortly.

Any and all suggestions are appreciated.


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All I can say about this is CONGRATS and Good luck!!!!

smk1, LPN

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yoga crna you rock! Turning a profit already is a great sign, congratualations on your new venture.

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