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Hi There,

I'm really interested in midwifery. Has anyone made the translation between nursing to midwifery in Canada? Where can you get educated in less than 4 years? Ryerson has a 2 year program for health professional but it requires L&D experience. I'm also looking to the states because there I could get my masters of nursing in Midwifery. However, I'd then has to do the midwifery Bridging program.

I'm confused about where to go.

Also, I'd love to do a program internationally, but I'm not sure which programs are acceptable!

Any illuminations would be greatly appreciate!


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There are several universities in Ontario offering the midwifery program. You should contact the local Midwifery College in the Province you wish to practice in to identify which educational institutions they recognize. There is no sense in taking a program if the college will not recognize it. Ontario and BC have programs and most recently a small number of students have been accepted to the University College of the North in Manitoba. You would need to contact the learning institute to see if they will give credits for your current education. Midwives love their job even though they work long hours. The midwives working for the WRHA are looking forward to the opening of a new free-standing birthing centre in mid 2011. WRHA midwives are integrated within the health system in Manitoba. They are a great group of providers.


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Thank you, gkvyvere!


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I went to Ryerson University website and could not find the 2 year course you were talking about? I am a L&D Nurse who would like to be a midwife so a 2 year course would work great for me. Do you know if they still offer that? Thanks!


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Hi There,

Look here:

Midwifery Education Program - Ryerson University

Then at the Post-Baccalaureate Program for Health Professionals section :)

Or you could go abroad for a year and study then come back and do the bridging program.


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Are you sure that you require L&D? It just says "Priority will be given to those with maternity care experience." It doesn't have to be L&D. I think post-partum, perinatal, etc counts as well as public health jobs if you're working in the maternal/baby program or something like it. I see your specialty is in Northern Nursing, I think that's an advantage especially if you're working in aboriginal populations.


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Have you looked into the nurse-midwifery program further?

I am thinking of applying for September 2012...