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Hey gang......Nursing student here just wondering about something and thought I'd ask on the board. Do nurses who move into management (nurse managers, to use the generic term) work more standard, M-F 9-5 hours? Or do they work the 3-12's shifts that are more common among non-management/floor nurses? I'm assuming this is going to vary from institution to institution, but I'm guessing nurse managers probably work a more standard five-day week.

Can anyone shed any light?

Many thanks, y'all.


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Where I work it is Mon.-Fri. either 7-3 or 8-4. On call every 4th weekend.


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Where I work 7-15 M-F, can't imagine a situation where you would EVER see a nurse manager in on a weekend!! Oh, maybe if hell froze over!

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Most mid-level managers (unit manager levels) have 24/7 accountability for their units. I have seen managers on the floor on weekends and holidays.

I just worked the Thanksgiving holiday and have to round on pts at two hospitals and it was the managers working to try to get the regular staff nurses the day off! I was quite impressed.

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