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  1. i have just finished my bsn and now i am looking to get out of floor nursing (due to bad knees). i want to move into administration but i am not sure which degree is going to get me to the top the fastest, msn/mba or msn/mha. i dont have any managerial experience but one of the schools were i live has a year internship at the end of the program, would this be of any help? as for what do i want to do, a nurse executive or a business executive would be fine. i am 40 years old and want to be able to make a good living and still enjoy nursing, just dont want to do ed or icu nursing everyday anymore. can anyone help me with any information on which way to go? thanks in advance for any useful information
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  3. by   Shamrock
    I'm confused. Was it you that just
    posted at 7:50am under the student
    nursing forum that you were looking for
    a less expensive alternative to Excelsior
    to obtain you BSN? If you finished
    your degree that fast I want to know
    where you went to school!!
  4. by   Cqc_Cqb
    No you are not confused - me and my significant other use the same name. By the way why do you care, you dont have anything important to add.
  5. by   warzone
    Originally posted by Cqc_Cqb
    No you are not confused - me and my significant other use the same name. By the way why do you care, you dont have anything important to add.
    Wow, you sound like a mananger already! LOL!
  6. by   ageless
    Originally posted by warzone
    Wow, you sound like a mananger already! LOL!
  7. by   funnygirl_rn
    Originally posted by warzone
    Wow, you sound like a mananger already! LOL!
    Too funny! :roll
  8. by   2ndCareerRN
    Wow, you sound like a mananger already! LOL!
    Very funny, you deserve a wave!

  9. by   ChainedChaosRN
    Knowledge and experience is the fastest way up. Be curious, ask alot of questions, watch someone with excellent managerial skills and analyze why they are different.

    Degrees will only get you so far and will not keep you there if you don't know what you are doing. Actually the easiest way to get to the top is to work your way there. I emphasize "work". To get to the top and stay there you need to know every step up the ladder and survey the areas all around you on the way up.

    The reason nursing administration has such a high turnover is because you can't put someone who can't swim in the middle of an ocean and expect them to know how to swim with only reading about it.
  10. by   ceecel.dee
    Show leadership skills, assume leadership. Become active in committee's. Make decisions objectively. Converse intellegently. If you must participate in emotionally-charged complaining, be able to argue multiple points of view; be part of the solution.

    ...then a job may come to you!
  11. by   vipergrlRNBSN
    So, you want to give management a try Well, try an unconventional route other than hospital nursing administration, it takes time to build up to that. Look in other areas such as LTC and perhaps forensics both that are willing to teach leadershop skills to those that are just learning. My first suggestion is that you need to drop the defensiveness. Employees will push your buttons everyday and you can't show your emotions to them True leadership is showing action and concern and compassion for your employees and patients, it is something that is learned over time and through many trials and tribulations. You can't get there fast successfully. You have got to get there through small successes.
  12. by   ainz
    Wow!! Interesting posts. I was in a similar situation. Wanted to get out of the confines of the nursing department and into organization-wide administration. I had an ADN and BSN. I chose the MSN with emphasis on healthcare administration, like the MSN/MHA. I had experience as a nurse manager, nursing supervisor, and department director. After grad school I got a job in an administrative development role in an acute care hospital. I was quickly promoted to chief operating officer and became a hospital CEO afterward. I am currently the chief operating officer for a larger general acute care hospital.

    I believe an MSN/MBA, MBA, MHA, would all suffice as far as the degree requirements. However, the degree does not promise a job in administration. You have to sell yourself. You have to demonstrate that you have the capacity and ability to lead an organization, more so, the desire to do so.

    Many companies hire people without management experience as corporate officers and place them in developmental roles in administration. There you can learn skills, sharpen and develop your leadership skills, and increase your knowledge base concerning organization-wide leadership. It is definitely a different perspective, a different look, and it is not pretty these days. Many nurses look at me as a traitor, and an evil and greedy administrator. Then they get to know me and see I am a lovable guy and a strong nursing advocate

    Good luck and please feel free to email me if you want to talk further.

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