Which school/degree should I choose?

  1. I'd like to become a manager and work my way up the ladder to hopefully CNO. I'm looking at two different schools to earn a master's degree and I'd like your opinion on which one is more favorable to my career advancement.

    School 1: I'd earn a dual degree as either MSN/MBA or MSN/Nurse leadership. Both options are 100 percent online and I'd have to opportunity to sit for Certification exams upon graduation. This is not a renowned college. Just a simple private university in the middle of nowhere. Fully accredited.

    School 2: Offers an Executive MBA degree, great school and reputation. It's an adult class for students who work full time. Not online. Upon interviewing, it seems like they rarely have nurses in this class. So I'm not sure if I'd get what I need since there isn't any focus on nurse administrators.
    Plus, it's not a dual-degree. This school is in my city, it won't be an inconvenience to go to class.

    Im just not sure which option is best for my career. I've been a RN since 05, but I was an LPN for several years before obtaining my BSN. I have plenty of experience as charge nurse and I've seen so much as a travel nurse. I really want this and I know I'd be excellent at it, but I just can't decide.
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  3. by   llg
    I want my nursing leaders to have and advanced education in NURSING -- and not just be a businessman or businesswoman. If your knowledge of nursing is at the entry-level only, how can you reasonably expect to be a leader of nurses with advanced nursing degrees and practicing in advanced roles?
  4. by   raindrop
    So the school doesn't matter as much as the degree? I am leaning towards the dual degree; however, I've read where dual-degrees are frowned upon since the recipient isn't awarded two separate degrees. I believe my credentials will be listed as BSN, MSN/MBA.

    Lastly, between the dual degrees, which is best in your opinion. The MSN/MBA or MSN/nurse leadership.

    Btw, I do plan on continuing to PhD.
  5. by   jrt4
    So if you are looking to become a manager I would encourage a MSN rather than just an MBA. An MSN/MBA is a good option though if you are considering moving up the ladder. MBA is quite common in director and executive level. My guess is the MSN you are looking at that is MSN/nurse leadership is not a dual degree program. It is probably an MSN with a focus on nursing leadership. Most programs are set up with MSN programs that have specific focuses whether that is in leadership, education, CNS, informatics...many options.

    The school really doesn't matter unless you are going towards the Nurse Practitioner route which would require accreditation to take the NP exam. There is no required exam for non clinical MSN but an accredited program would be the preferred because its likely not a good program if its not accredited and the goal is the knowledge not the degree necessarily.

    If you are going to continue on for a doctorate degree in nursing I would not encourage an MBA... unless you are going to pursue a PhD in business. it would be a waste of your time/money otherwise in my opinion. If you are looking at leadership I would encourage you to look at DNP programs that have a management focus. PhD is really a research degree which can be applied to management but DNP would really make more sense in my opinion.

    It sounds like you have a lot of ambition and that is awesome!!! I would encourage you to do a little bit more investigating about what will help you most though before you spend a lot of money and time on the wrong degree.

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