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  1. I am trying to find out how your nursing structure is where you work? Do you have charge nurses, Assistant nurse managers and nurse managers or what? I am very interested in any info you can provide me with. Currently we have NM and Clinical Managers on the off shifts, but they are split between 2-3 units. Its very busy and hard to keep up. Thanks for sharing!:roll
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  3. by   mageean
    In my area (Elderly Mental Health) we have Ward/unit managers supported by Registered Nurses and care assistants. All Community services are managed by Registered Nurses at various grades. In an average ward(18patients) each shift will have 1 RN with 3 care assistants and the Ward Manager working 9am-5pm. We have a real shortage of RN's.
  4. by   Rani
    Inthe hospital I work we have the
    Director of Nursing
    Day Supervisor x1
    Night Supervisor x 1
    Clinical Managers x 1 per unit (head Nurse equivalent)
    Charge Nurse x 1 per unit

    Registered Nurse- RN 1 (senior)
    RN 2
    RN 3 (junior)
    Nurse Aide (practical nurses)
    Clinical attendant
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  5. by   cathy949

    In the hospital where I work we have:

    Clinical Unit Managers in charge of a group of wards
    Head nurses in charge of a ward
    Charge nurses
    Nurse aides
  6. by   glassam
    I work in a primary care hospital. We have a CNO, then Director's of Outpatient Nursing Services, Inpatient Nursing Services and Surgical Services, then unit manager, clinical coordinator (1 per 12 FTE/unit), a charge nurse per shift. We have no house supervisor's and the CNO, directors and managers take turn being on call for a week at a time.
  7. by   almukbali
    Hi All

    In the hospital I work to
    We have one Head of nursing department
    One deputy of HOD nursing
    3 Assistants HOD, each one of them has a responsibility of 7 Departments
  8. by   hmhheartmender
    In my facility we have a CNO which overseas all the directors at the 5 co-facility hospitals we have in our system. Then each facility has a Director of Nurses who oversees at least 3-4 assistant director of nurses which are broken up in to service lines. Then the ADONs of each service line are over the Clinical Managers who each have at least 2 units. The Clinical managers then each have at least one (most have 2) assistant clinical managers who are basically in charge and supervise all the RNs and NAs. Whew! When you look at it that way there sure are alot of people who want to be in charge and a long way to climb up the ladder.

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