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I need advice, please..... I am a recovering addict, I diverted narcotics from my last place of employment, was fired (rightly so) and have taken the last 2 years to work on my recovery, and the... Read More

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    well, finally, after approximately 15 interviews, i was hired- I am now in case management/ utilization review and management for a large managed behavioral health organization. The man who hired me actually started in this field as a CDAC, the founder of company is a Psychiatrist, so I think my history actually may have been a plus, in a strange way, for getting this job.
    Thanks again for all the advice..

    YAY Sheri! Hope you like it! xo
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    I just came across your first letter. It almost made me shed a few tears . I to am trying to find a job after being clean for two years. I am almost wanting to give up but I need the money and I love nursing. If you read this could you please email me back with any suggestions you have, after being hired. I bet that felt so good.

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{SMooch}}}}}}}}}}]]] ditto what I said to sheri ok? take care!
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    I am currently going thru serious issues with the state of Illinois board of registration. I have felony convictions for paraphenelia and possession of controlled substances in 2002 and 2003. I had not been practicing nursing at this time knowing i was a practicing addict. I went to treatment and have now been clean and sober for over 2 years. I got my license renewed without any difficulty and when I asked the board (over the phone) I was told that since it did not affect my work that I would not be under investigation. I worked with a nurse who didn't feel that i should be allowed to practice since i was an ex-felon and took it upon herself to have my license investigated. I was sent a letter (apparently) to my old address and was unaware I was to appear before the board, my license has now been suspended indefinitely, of course I am going to appeal and am just getting started with phone calls. I have been having my employer urine test me since the beginning and they support me since I have been honest. I just don't know what to expect to happen next. This is my fault, I should have changed my address or been more knowledgable as to what else to do or who else to ask questions of I guess. Right now I feel powerless. Can anyone tell me what to expect next?