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Is anyone out there part of a Magnet hospital? Were you involved in the Certification process? Were your nurses keen on making the push for the Certification or did they view it as something... Read More

  1. by   JJGRN
    Quote from OriolesMagic
    Is it true that magnet hospitals are paid higher reimbursement rates? That would explain why most of the larger hospitals are so gung ho for magnet status. It sounds like a giant case of dressing up a turd--(nurses terrible working conditions). If we make a bunch of committees and posters and decorate and repaint the hospital, people will ignore the terrible working conditions.
    I don't believe that Magnet Hospitals get a higher reimbursement rate, but Magnet hospitals do have to show that their quality performance is above the national average. So if your hospital or state has a pay for performance reimbursement system, they may eventually get reimbursed at a higher rate because they perform better on their quality measures.
  2. by   tralalaRN
    Magnet status was really high-lighted in my orientation. I didn't last long at this hospital d/t poor staffing and many other scarey issues. .the hospital did not treat their nurses well at all. In my next position, I kept running into RNs from the former magnet hospital - they were leaving in droves. I can't help but think, as others have on this forum, that magnet designation is a feather in the cap of hospital management, but little else. .
  3. by   PMFB-RN
    Quote from traumaRUs
    Personally, I view it as a good thing: more push for education, more money for clinical ladders, more shared governance.
    *** Or more importantly in terms of Magnet surveyors, the appearance of those things. I have now worked at two hospitals during their "quest for Magnet" and have been very disappointed on seeing how much of the things done for Magnet certification where just for show.