Is this how Nursing Management should be? -Please Help!!!!!

  1. I just started on the unit of my dreams (MIU) or so I thought. Basically I have 1 year of womens health and now 4 months of experience on this unit. I really want to work with babies and at this point this is not happening (a lot of politics). I have been thrown off orientation rather quickly and my required paperwork for floor competencies is no where near being completed. I have requested to have learning opportunites only for them to be basically ignored. I have also requested meetings and this has not occurred either. (Currently I am PRN and work nights).

    My question is bascially at this point I am not happy...I have been on this unit for about 4 months now and I am starting to dread going to work. The patient ratio is kind of stressful to me as well... 7 to 8. I have sent emails only for them to be ignored. I have never been treated this way before and am not understanding where it is coming from. I really feel like its time for me to look else where to find where I really belong at this point. This is a teaching hospital but they seem to want to teach what they want you to know but not necesarially what will assist me in becoming a more excellent and confident nurse.

    I feel like I should have walked out the door when the NM got an attitude when I wouldn't agree that a conversation took place during my interview when I know it didn't. I hope that someone will be able to respond to my question and offer solid feedback. Thank you so much in advance. I'm just not sure anymore....
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  3. by   LiverpoolJane
    When I qualified I was lucky to find a job as there was a jobs freeze at that time. It was in a hospital I had never set foot in and was a bag of nerves as I was terrified I would be in charge on my first day as this was the norm where I trained. There was no such thing as preceptorship then, so first day it was handover and start looking after your patients, it was a speciality I had never come across before to make matters worse. I'm not saying that's right, there should be an easing in period for all staff new to an area. It took me a long time to get my confidence and I too went through the feeling of dread going into work.
    I have no great words of wisdom, but I would check that the e-mails you've sent have actually reached the recipient, speak to him / her either face to face or over the phone. It's possible they have gone astray, unlikely but you need to be sure. If you are happy to give this place a go I would put your concerns in writing, not e-mail and try to begin and end on positive notes. Express your concern that you feel you are not working to your normal high standards and want to be a productive team member. I would state what you have done to address matters yourself ie, books, articles you've read to try and address knowledge deficits. Do you have to work nights or is that what is available, is there anyway you can work days as it is probably more conducive to learning on days? Keep a copy of any correspondance and keep a record of any conversations you have.
    When I started that ward in 1992 I hated it and told myself I'll give it a respectable 6 months then look for something else. I stayed within the directorate for 8 years and I'm really pleased I stuck at it. I would set yourself a deadline to work to, if you still feel the same, start looking for something else, but don't accept the first job that comes along, make sure it's what you really want.
    Hope things work out.
    Is MIU medical investigations unit?
  4. by   MochaRN424
    First LiverPool I like to start off by saying thank you so much for taking the time to respond to me. I really appreciate this. MIU stands for Mother Infant Unit. I was told by other staff on the unit that this is the norm unfortunately. I know my emails have been received because we are using the hosptial email system. She just responds to some of the emails. I think most of the problem is as stated I am PRN...I am looking for a part time benefitted position. I just had my last daughter Sept 2008 so that is why I am seeking PT. The position technically is days evenings and nights which is realy crazy. I was told to try and give it at least 6 months to give myself a chance to get some experience.

    The sad part is I have requested a face to face and that has not been successful. I have been saving all correspondence. At least you have found where you belong. I look forward to the day when I finally find where I belong. I care about what I do and want to be one of the best at what I do... I guess if I was a slacker there wouldn't be an issue but Im not and thats why I guess I am having a problem with just sitting back and letting the chips fall where they may. To answer your last statement...I was told to ask to shadow because I don't want to continue trying out units. Again thanks for your response.
  5. by   tridil2000
    Your competency checklist not being completed is an issue. You need to ask one of the nurses on the unit if they could show you one or two things on there. This will help your effort in showing that you are extending yourself to complete this, even on your own terms.
    Yes, per diem is problematic. Too much inconsistancy.
    7 moms AND 7 babies? Not sure how that goes. Could you share more.
    If you could sit down with your NM, what two or three things do you need right now?
    Also, begin CC-ing your NM's boss.
  6. by   MochaRN424
    Tridil2000 thank you so much for taking your time to respond to me. The problem is that I just contacted someone from education and they in turn contacted the clinician on the unit. That clinician got upset with me because she felt that I went behind her back. I have a lot of documentation that supports that I have reached out to her and the NM with no response. To answer your question its been things like 5 moms 3 babies for example...To address the CC: of the NM boss...I am kind of concerned about going that route because then she can get upset with me and decide to let me go from my position...I cannot afford that right now. I do wish to transfer to another dept because I am growing really weary of all of this. I never thought that nursing would be this unprofessional...I was treated better before I had a degree.
  7. by   HouTx
    QUICK - go talk to your HR representative before this all gets out of hand.

    You should have an employee rep (called various different titles) who serves as an advisor for employee 'issues'. These people are trained to help sort out problems an diffuse exactly the type of polarization that appears to be happening here. You need help sorting out and clarifying expectations and accountabilities as well as devising an action plan. Be very objective, and try to avoid throwing a 'pity party'. If nothing else, and the situation is not fix-able, your rep can help get you transferred to another unit.

    Trust me, your organization has invested a lot of $ in you already, and they don't want to lose you.
  8. by   MochaRN424
    Houtx Thank you..I have been in touch with Employee relations and basically it all boils down to me speaking with my Nurse Mgr. The Clinician basically has stated that my NM is now being responsible for my completion of orientation. I am so tired of how she is dishonest that I really cannot be concerned with her right now. I know what you mean in regards to the pity party and no I am trying very hard to stay professional...just don't want to be asked to leave before I am ready to. The financial dynamics have changed in my household so I need to keep this position and transition into something full time perhaps. Also I have been in touch with HR but I am not trying to wear out that welcome either...
  9. by   MochaRN424
    Hello, thanks for the response. Apologize that I am just seeing this 2 years later. MIU is Mother Infant Unit. :0)

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