Holiday gifts

  1. Does anyone have any ideas about a small gift for my PACU staff for Christmas? I'd like a pocket reference guide or something that would enhance their practice that won't cost a large amount of money. I've purchased everyone a special Christmas ornament but want something that will help them with their job.

    Thank you
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  3. by   Chaya
    Something I wish our administrators would give us would be one of those keychain CPR face protectors cause those suckers cost 8-10 bucks to replace but I'll bet a hosp could get a deal on a large quantity. (Only thing is-are they now recommending doing ONLY compressions for CPR?).
  4. by   staceyp413
    I have over 50 staff so my co-asst director, director and another administrator pooled funds together and donated almost $200 to our Christmas collection for families in need that we do each year. We put together a card and letter for each staff person and let them know we donated the funds in their name and why. I really struggle with Christmas gifts this year as we all know that without the staff we would be lost and at the same time none of us are paid enough to get them what we'd really like to.
  5. by   Longhorn Mama
    hello - i'm new to posting but i've been following this site for a long time. i have a suggestion for staff gifts - i have 60 or so, and i give them all the same thing. i have my college daughter "burn" christmas music cd's for everyone. last year i did very soothing guitar instrumentals with my favorites : silent night; o holy night; what child is this..... the packs of cds are not expensive; i put them in a plastic jewel case; put a musiclist on the back; attach some ribbon and give it to them with cards.

    i also give gifts to the small children of staff members - last year i gave "reindeer food" in a baggie with instructions on how to use it. usually i'll give something little like a cereal bowl with an individual box of cereal in it. i've never spent a lot, but they always seem to appreciate it.
  6. by   mcknis
    I am not a NM but I do really like the burned CD idea. Really cool! We gotgift cards this year for McDonalds (for me since I am the only guy), and Bath and Body stuff. Our NM is really cool.

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