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NURSE KAREN'S NURSING HIGHLIGHT Vol .4: the Best Practice Network

The purpose of the Best Practice Network is to promote information sharing in healthcare by nurses, physicians and other healthcare professionals. The Best Practice Network facilitates the exchange of ideas, encourages collaboration in results-oriented problem solving and enables healthcare professionals to share best practices and other creative solutions that will positively impact patient care and community well-being.


In January 1996, nationally recognized opinion leaders from the world of nursing participated in an unprecedented effort to proactively shape a vision for the future of healthcare, and to strategize an action agenda in which nursing leadership collaboratively promoted optimal patient care delivery.

In May 1996, professional organizations joined the initial Summit participants to further define an agenda of initiatives and assumptions. The spirit of the Summit is captured in the predominant goal, which emerged as a result of those initial efforts:

To develop realistic and sustainable healthcare initiatives, which promote optimal patient care and have immediate and system-wide impact.

Thirteen founding organizations provided the initial financial and clinical support for the initiatives derived from the Summit, among them the Best Practice Initiatives. Spearheaded by the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses, the Best Practice Initiatives called for the creation of the Best Practice Network web site and a national conference, the Showcase for Innovation and Best Practices.

In September, 2000, following the recommendations of the Advisory Board, the Best Practice Network was reconstituted as an independent entity. The web site is currently being managed by Ideas for Health, a division of Highpoint, Inc., with Mary Kingston serving as the project's Director.

The Best Practice Network will soon be establishing a new Advisory Board. To find out more about Advisory Board participation, please contact:

Mary Kingston, RN, MN

[email protected]

Phone or Fax: (253) 660-9103

Check out the Creative Solutions section:

Currently the Best Practice Network sponsors seven kinds of activities and projects that lead to healthcare improvement:

A discussion space where healthcare professionals post and respond to practical problems related to healthcare delivery. Go to Discussion Space.

An showcase of creative thinking and design skills applied to practical workflow issues in healthcare. Go to Everyday Innovations.

A workshop where best practice developers can post information about their projects in progress and request networking or mentoring support from other Network participants. Go to Best Practice Incubator.

Graphical presentations of creative healthcare improvements. Go to Poster Presentations.

A compendium of protocols, guidelines, standards of care and clinical maps. Go to Tools of the Trade.

Fully-implemented programs that have positively impacted care delivery, dramatically improved operational efficiency or provided creative solutions to stubborn problems. Go to Programs that Work.

Fully-implemented programs, benchmarked and tested, which meet or set new standards or introduce dramatic innovations in healthcare delivery. Go to Best Practices.

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This group is a new find for me...found from a link at the ANA web site, a partner of the organization. There are many links to info, standards of practice and discussion boards, etc. They have a monthly newsletter available. Have yet to explore all the info at this website. Karen

I am suprised no one has commented on this site, it is a good one. Thanks Karen.

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