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Hi Everyone,

What if a nurse became one of the media in order to tell "the real story"? Just a thought.....


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A lot of the nurses who go to the messageboards have been writing the media - newspapers, tv about the situation; esp. when there is an article that leaves out a lot of the truth! Write your story and send it to someone!


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Not exactly what I meant. I mean be part of the media ie working for "60 Minutes" or the New York Times as a reporter etc.... Not just another disgruntled letter to the editor.


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That might be a bit difficult since most nurses do not have degrees in journalism and these types of positions are very hard to get and highly competitive. However, as far as the "disgruntled letters to the editor" go, the press is beginning to listen so it hasn't been for nothing. The Washington Post has an excellent article under Health at their website. It tells a lot of the truth. The press is picking up on the problems now.

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