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Hi all!

I am fixing to start my 2nd year of nursing shool in KY and my program encourages us to do an internship program the summer before graduation. I know I still have a year but I was wanting to start getting my name out there.

My question is:

1) (if I do get to choose) Which area would look best on a resume when applying for jobs post grad? (med/surg, critical care, ed?)

Those you stated would all be good choices if you have the ability to choose. It also depends on your area of interest to the unit you might like to work after you graduate. I have noticed that you have a better chance getting hired after graduation on a unit type you did an internship on even specialty units. For example l&d or ob units are hard to get a job in as a new grad but they might give you a chance if you had an internship in that area.

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I agree with the previous poster. Try to do your internship in the field where you want to work as a new graduate. Many specialty units will be much more willing to hire you if you did your internship in that field. But if you can't get an internship in your first choice area, do one wherever you can find a spot. There are far fewer internship than their are nursing students, so any experience will give you a leg up.

Awesome, thanks!!!

Just finished mine up on August 1st - I did L&D and absolutely loved it...I agree try to find one where you'd like to work after graduation.

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