Nurse impersonator gets 46 months

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Nurse impersonator gets 46 months

Sean E. Roach tricked eight hospitals in the U.S. and overseas into hiring him as a nurse, even though he had no medical licenses or training. For that, he got 46 months in prison, even though prosecutors presented no evidence that anyone was harmed due to Roach's actions.

Washington Post, Nov. 27, 2001

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What about reference checks??? Yikes!



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there have been a few times where i suspected the other nurse working with me was a fraud. here's the will be an agency nurse at a ltc facility.always on an off my local area the proceedure for agency is to show up...ask for the supervisor..and find the floor they're working. all thats asked is "oh you are suzy from abc agency....sometimes they look at the name badge and as long as you get your time slip signed at the end of the shift thats i've often wondered with the blatant incompetecy exhibited during the shift if this is even a nurse..some of the things they just don't know makes me wonder if its even an stna posing as a would be so easy for #1 nurse susy with license and all credentials to sign up with multiple agencies...then book thru the agency at different facilities and substitute people...i have also thought some agency stna's are pulling this one too.....i am an agency nurse and have asked the facilities i go to ...why don't you ask for drivers license...the response is many nurses and stnas in our area dont drive..the ohio license for nurses has no photo...i haven't seen a state yet that has one...i dont know how you would challenge this...and if any thing happened all the facilty has is the real nurse suzy's name and agency...i doubt if anyone could describe what a one time nurse or stna even looked like a month later..i know one night the other nurse woldn't do anything that required a full signatue..she would initial things mar,ect but when it came to signing for the meds..she wouldn't..and she didn't chart..the stna started with what's a foley???how do i empty it?? do i get them into to bed???they don't walk!uh oh!!!!scary to me.... :eek:

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