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I am a new nursing student getting ready to begin my first nursing classes in the Spring of 2006. Does anyone think it is worth it during the summer after my first clinical rotation to work as a nurse extern in local hospital or should I just enjoy the summer vacation?


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I say do it. You will gain so much experience, plus get paid for it. You could work two twelves a week, and still have five days off. I am so glad that I worked as an extern for a year before I graduated. Sometimes I feel like I learned just as much in that year as I did in four years of school.


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I agree. I am currently working as a nurse extern on a 23 hour obs floor, and then I will be moved to a specialty area for 5 weeks. I have learned so much from the nurses. Sometimes I wish I had my "summer" back, but I think this experience is invaluable.

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