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Nurse Extern opportunity


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Hello everyone! I have a question about Nurse Extern positions. I currently an LVN and will ( hopefully) complete my bridge program at the end of this year. I received a call from my dream hospital to come in and interview for the PCA- Nurse Extern position. I currently work in Pediatric home health,and make a good income working part-time while going to school. Do you guys think it would be beneficial to pursue this opportunity in the off chance that once/if I become an RN I could work there? It's in the ER.. Do you know what an PCA-Nurse Extern is responsible for? Any information would be greatly appreciated!

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YES! Even though it might be a massive pay cut, DO IT! It is getting increasingly difficult for new grads to get hired into the hospital setting. If you work as an Extern then you will get better considered when applying for the nurse residency at that hospital.

Where I work, the Externs are able to apply for the residencies weeks before they become open to the public. And you have already networked and made connections, you can get letters of reference, ect...

ED is another animal, but on my unit the Extern starts out paired with an RN for 2 months. Policy dictates what they can/can't do. No medications seems pretty standard, but they can insert IV's, NGT, and do PCT work. After 8 weeks are up they train 2 shifts with a PCT then are hired on a PRN basis while they finish school. If you make a good impression you are guaranteed to get hired on my unit.

I would strongly recommend that you take advantage of this opportunity, especially since it is the ED. You will learn so much!