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i am about to start lpn school and i need to know how the Nurse entrence exams is? I have taken the Pax RN and did well but i wanted to know if the two test are about the same?


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Are you talking about the NET? I tell you what. I took it in 2005. I stink at math and took a course at the local Community college b/c I'm so bad. Didn't matter either way. I only had like 2 pages of math. Its kinda like a cross between taking the GED and ACT. But closer to a GED test. Actually I used a old GED for dummies book to review for it. No problems with it. Its pretty general. Basic math,language,listening,comprehensive of basic reading. Don't freak! Nothing to do with medical stuff.Hope this helps. Oh, I did take it in Arkansas just to let you know.

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the entrance exam i have to take next march is called the "teas" exam (everybody here jokes that it's a tease because if you don't pass it, you don't get into nursing school). you can buy study guides to prepare for it and it looks pretty basic. it's been a long time since i've done algebra though, so i'm a little nervous.

Does anyone know about the test you take when you enter UAMS's BSN program? It looks like it is not a condition to get in, but I'm not sure what test it is and what they use the scores for. I saw somewhere that you have to get a 90 to be considered for the honors program but I would welcome any info about the test.


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