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Nurse at a community event

At this time, I am a new RN on a step down unit in a hospital, fresh off orientation. A local 5k is being planned and the organizer mentioned to me that they are looking for volunteers for their first aid tent. I feel that given my experience, I wouldn't be too useful with the types of injuries people would come in with. I would probably just tell everyone to put ice on it 😬... Does anyone have any recommendations of classes I could take to be a certified *whatever* nurse? I don't even know what it would be called. Also, is there anything I would need to obtain legally to help out? Is it enough to just have my RN? I don't want to jeopardize myself or the organizers of the event. It's not until summer btw so I have time.


Jules A, MSN

Specializes in Family Nurse Practitioner.

I believe RNs are capable of first aid or assessing when a person would need to go to the hospital for an evaluation, right? I probably wouldn't do it myself but with a team, often EMTs you would be fine and probably enjoy it. I'm not sure of the legal implications to your license, check with your malpractice company, in my experience the event also holds some type of insurance.

Davey Do

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I served at first aid events for years with the Volunteer Emergency Corp and Children Home, as an EMT and nurse, michaelaellie. Jules A was spot on with her answer, from insurance to enjoyment.

You're not too likely to see any heavy duty action, and basic techniques for dealing with injuries are the norm.

Aside from search and recover with the Emergency Corp, the most action I ever saw was a boat wreck. And even that guy came out okay.

Enjoy the event, michaelaellie!

Thanks guys! I am excited for the 5 k although I guess I can't run in it now :/ I'm eager to find other places to volunteer! There's a music festival coming to my city (NYC) that will give free passes to volunteers :saint: I'd obv still do it just to be a good person too but I mean if they're offering...

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