Wrote up a CNA, but I was the one who got the boot! - page 5

About two weeks ago, I had an unfamiliar CNA on my night shift. She was 'helping out' with a shortage apparently. I am new on the job as well. I had previously been instructed to ''hold accountable'... Read More

  1. by   tn nurse
    I am too a nurse and this is too familiar and too common. Where is it that nurses get the boot for lazy or insubordinate aides? I am confused as to where the law states harassment is only about sex, because it is not, its also about having us nurses backed up when there is obviously a problem with our caregivers or aides or cna's. Nurses on the other hand have gone to school to become a nurse and advance their careers, cna's have done the same, but the difference is that nursing has responsibility and a license to uphold. I think it wayyyy time all nurses stick together in this and hire an attorney that will fight the crazy harassment going on in our nursing careers.

    I post this from Nashville, TN in hopes someone will be reading this.....
  2. by   CloudySue
    Yes, a lot of the behavior is downright bullying. It's not allowed in the schools, why is it in the workplace?
  3. by   Sunny68
    I have to work with CNA's like that even in the hospital sitting. It is strange how they get by with ignoring lights, sitting on the phone talking thru out the shift, eating at the desk, and having the balls to deny requests to help when asked. Yes, they have been on the floor for several years. It just makes me cherish the ones who pitches in and are team players. Yes, when you do say something to management about them or fellow long time nurses, it is you that ends up with the write up. Yep, I finally quit before the termination happened, though not going to complain does no good.