Why are some nurses so DRAMATIC?!

  1. I work on a med/surg floor in a cardiovascular unit and I love my job! I know there are probably a million threads about this, but after a year of working with this unit I have noticed a huge separation between the RNs. The ones that come in and do there job and the RNs who complain and dramatize everything about there patients don't ever mix...

    It has been very easy for me to ignore them until a my close colleagues transferred out of our unit.
    My only interaction with other RNs is me listening to there over dramatized experiences with patients and doctors. I was using the bathroom after a lung transplant surgery ( anyone from my unit would not usually be involved with this surg) with a nurse that brought pain meds for the
    Patient. She was on the phone with her mom telling her how stressful her day was b/c it was taken up by a 8hr lung transplant. She described every detail of the surgery like she was opening up the patient herself... Realistically I was assigned to a patient and I was on the surg floor. What she actually did.. Patient Prep... Nothing beyond that. I made it clear that I was in the bathroom with her.. And she quickly hung up and waited for me to leave.

    This is just one example.. I have only been a nurse for 2 years, but seen this from co-workers from a wide range of experiences. I feel some nurses don't want anyone knowing that they spend a lot of their time charting instead being the lifesaver of the hospital 24/7. I have no problem accepting it... my job has a little more
    Charting then caring sometimes.
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  3. by   SaoirseRN
    I work with a nurse who is the "everything always happens to me" nurse. When she gets an admission after hours, it's "why is it always ME getting the admissions?" When she ends up on the team with the extra patient (our numbers aren't even... somebody always has to take on that extra one), she says, "Why do I always get 5 patients?". She spends more time complaining about how hard her job is than actually doing it, which leads to her complaining about how she (and she alone) never has enough time to get her work done. Once she came on and switched her assignment because she'd had those patients the previous shift, and not ten minutes later I heard her complaining about how heavy her workload was and how hard her night was going to be.

    It's honestly exhausting. Try to help her and she won't let you leave. I feel bad for her on some levels, because I think she is clearly burnt out and not happy with her job. The endless complaining is tiring and not helpful, and even if she had a legitimate concern, nobody would hear it for all the constant, dramatic complaints. I feel even more for the LPNs who work with her, because they end up doing their own work and most of hers.
  4. by   ampiskator
    This is exactly how I feel!! Thank you so much for posting this!! This was the only place I had spoken my mind about it, and I opened up about it with my co workers... They agree. I 100% ignore her now.. I come to find out she calls her mom 3 time a day to complain and dramatize her job b/c everyone is not listening to her anymore.

    Work is work. Every job has responsibilities and stresses, and every job will have a complainer maybe more then just one
  5. by   xoemmylouox
    Shoot I'll admit I complain a lot. Usually is about the fact that we hire people who couldn't add 1+1 even if they had a calculator seriously though there are some that are overly aggressive and or the putty me. Me I'm just sick of working with ding dongs and having to do my job while cleaning up their messes..
  6. by   SaoirseRN
    Complaining is one thing. We all do that and it's totally normal!

    Seriously, the person I posted about is so over the top it's honestly sad. And it doesn't matter if everyone has had a busy day because her day was worse, simply because it was hers.
  7. by   ampiskator
    I agree!! I sigh and complain all day but i never complain to look like I am doing more!