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I recently read a post in this forum that mentioned something about dayshift nurses were rude and grouchy. In my experience I've noticed the same thing. I've worked all shifts and it seems on days... Read More

  1. by   goldilocksrn
    I'll tell you what makes me grouchy as a day nurse. I get upset when the other shifts don't do their share of ambulations, dressing and IV changes,etc. On day shift we are expected to do it, as well as deal with doctors, family, carry out treatment orders, assist with procedures, etc. Today I came back to work and took my same team back. I had passed on a bid dressing change to the oncoming RN because we had 11 admits and I sent a fresh MI to CCU after assisting the doctor in stabilizing the pt for over an hour. Anyway, I come back on and the nurse says, "I couldn't do it, it was just so crazy last night." I don't understand why, there was no patient movement that night. This meant I had to hurry in and change the dressing before the doctor came in and thought we were all total morons. Day nurses are grouchy because stuff like this happens all the time. When these things are missed, it is the day nurse that must face the wrath of docs, administrators, etc. No wonder!
  2. by   iamme457
    I have worked all the shifts, just finished a month and a half of nights. Nights offer a more relaxed atmosphere, not less busy just less busy-work. No families to deal with, family interaction stresses the heck out of me; the docs dont make rounds, (the attending-the consults- and the residents-then the attending again and the intensivist in my unit); only very necessary tests are done at night so no trying to take a patient with 8 IV drips, an art line and a PA catheter and a ventilator to MRI/CT/Flouroscopy etc. Daylight is so full of interruptions that I do get a little more stressed. I try to maintain a smile but I am sure I frown at times. I am not sure why we do that, it takes a whole lot more muscles to muster a frown than a smile.(I dont remember how many exactly, maybe someone out there can help on that one)
  3. by   bluemouse
    I am a relatively new nurse. I presently work 11-7. The nurses that I give report to in the morning are something else. They act as if only they can give care to the patients, the rest of the shift are just babysitters. I would like to throw in the towel but I don't know but that it is the same everywhere.
  4. by   CVSDnurse
    I really think it is a individual/personality thing although the idea that nurses who have been around longer(days by seniority) being jaded may hold true. I have found that nurses who have been around longer are generally snappier in that they don't take any unneccessary **** from docs, family and patients which actually allows them more time to do what their job requires. I actually see this as an area that I could improve on.
    I work primarily days because the hours are necessary. If I wasn't forced to get up, I'd sleep my whole day away! I am lucky enough to be a pretty happy person so I don't represent the "grumpies", and even on days that are so bad that I do scowel, my patients never see it(sorry co-workers).
    As far as shift to shift differences, each has their friendly vs. unfriendly people. Our hospital has increased the amounts of their shift differentials considerably and many of the off shift nurses ask me why in the world would I want to work that much harder for less money? I see that as recognition that there is more to be done/inturruped with on days but it helps the shift go by fast. As I get older and don't want to work so hard, the differentials may start to make up for my sleeping too much!