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I was almost done posting this but it went away? Sorry if it comes up twice??? Anyway, I am an RN on a busy day shift med-surg/onc floor. The other day it was crazy. It was about 1400 and I had... Read More

  1. by   RedZeppelinRN
    Quote from Franemtnurse
    Dear Jay, Stay right where you are. You show your love for this unique type of patient. God bless you dear.

    Right on Jay. We need more of you.
  2. by   vickyp
    I am a CNA~~RN in '10 and I would NEVER talk to any of my nurses that way!! The other CNA's maybe (tee-hee-hee j/k) but not a nurse an RN or LPN for that matter!! We are there to help the nurses HENSE the term NURSES ASSISTANT!! I can't even begin to tell you what I would have said but I sure to heck would not have apologized!! I would like to think I would come up with something clever like "make that a rectal temp toots" but in all honesty I prob would have stood there with my jaw on the floor!! I guess some ppl just don't appreciate having a job!!
  3. by   leenie123
    Oh no! !!!!! I just finished a reply to this post, and before I could submit it the computer ate itI don't have it in me to key it all in again! It was re: psych pts, and couple experiences I'd had yrs ago in nursing training. After doing the orientation a few wks in a unit of the center I realized it was not a type of nursing I felt I could do! It really takes a special person to be psych nurse, just as it takes a special one to work the burn unit!!! Seeing how some of those pts were in so much pain, and giving them the max pain med they could have, and they were hurting so bad just begging, and sobbing in the pain, but you had to just tell them they had a while to go yet before they could have it! They had extensive burns and tanking them inorder to get the bandages off. I mean it was like there was not a spot on their body where you could touch them to assist them in and out the tank! The weeping, and pleading for something to dull their pain though too much for me! I'd float to thar unit when they needed help, but couldn't handle all that full time!!! Chemo unit was enough for me dealing with the death, and dying! Peds. was even worse for me as you had really no idea how muh pain a baby was experiencing. My own little guys I knew what their sounds meant, but a baby you don;t know that was hard for me hearing the crying. Floating like that for a few months aftr you first start work as a nurse is good thing, as you get to know all the units and how they are worked, and where everything is! By then you have a feel what unit, and pts you want to work. I too learned that you had to find the humor where you could for you and the pts. I found it seemed to make the pts more relaxed, and at ease.