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I don't know what made me remember this but I had a coworker once with whom I had developed(I thought) something of a rapport. Well one day we were in the nurses' station and I jokingly made a... Read More

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    I worked pediatric home health and had a complaint that I refused (true) to plunge the toilet that the sibling of the child I was tending to clogged up. BTW the child I was caring for was a very active 2.5 year old with a trach, feeding tube, multiple med times and breathing tx. Where on earth was I supposed to find time to tend to plumbing and babysitting siblings???
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    A male (nurse at that!) in my charge *accused* me of making advances towards him in an unprofessional direction. What I had done, actually, was tried to help him during a very uncomfortable procedure of insertion of a central line catheter by surgeon at bedside...I was attempting to hold his hand IN SUPPORT of " ' squeeze my hand if you need to...I know it's uncomfortable..." that sort of support. Well I was also trying to use therapeutic communication during the process as in " picture a lake, or a mountain scene or the beach if that's what you'd prefer, anywhere you are happy and peaceful, calm, etc...' " trying that guided imagery thingy for pain relief without analgesia....he twisted it ALL around and misquoted me saying that I'd stated, " ' You can hold my hand, I've been wanting to hold yours all along,....or something to that effect.' """ GULP! I was called in to NM's office, I mean like the very next shift I worked. Turns out, management was "fishing" evidently for anything they could in order to create that dreaded paper trail since I'd been out on mental health issue leave from work a few months prior to that....now, I was no model employee by any means. I am not perfect, I cannot possibly be Miss Nancy Nurse of the Year award winner, nor do I attempt that...it is just not me. I do, however, attempt to give safe, pt. advocacy, good nursing care to all I care for. Anyway, back to topic. Complained because I held his hand. Sorry for caring, Mister! Oh well....some people...oh, by the way, he was a "fellow nurse" who worked the psych unit at our hospital. That hurt as much as the lie he told about me and what I'd done and said...
    That a "fellow nurse" at the very same facility where I worked had lied to management about me and my conversation/action with his care!
    Oh well...live and learn and then do not trust anyone anymore with no witness around!
    I hope your witness backed you up.
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    Quote from Kay1966
    I worked pediatric home health and had a complaint that I refused (true) to plunge the toilet that the sibling of the child I was tending to clogged up. BTW the child I was caring for was a very active 2.5 year old with a trach, feeding tube, multiple med times and breathing tx. Where on earth was I supposed to find time to tend to plumbing and babysitting siblings???
    Did your boss back you up?
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    Quote from ruby vee
    an attending physician once called my nm and complained about me because i had followed the orders the resident and written and "should have known better than to do that." (well, ok, we don't usually do it that way, but his way wasn't hurting anything and i had discussed it with him and he was adamant about doing it his way. so, since it was 0300, we did it his way rather than call the attending. chain of command would have been call the fellow next, then the attending and since the fellow was in on it, too . . . )

    next month, i had a patient with an dissecting aneurysm. the plan discussed on rounds was to do an echocardiogram when the attending arrived, and then make a decision as to whether to take her to surgery or not. an hour later, a resident came up and gave me a verbal order to "give 10 mg. of morphine and turn off the ventilator." whoa! i hadn't even seen the attending yet! we have a withdrawal of care protocol, and it involved a note in the chart signed by an attending, and written orders. when i pointed it out to the resident, he started yelling at me. so i talked to the charge nurse, and she paged the attending. the attending yelled at her, then yelled at me. she didn't want to be bothered with this, she'd already talked to the resident and why were we bothering her on a sunday morning?

    the attending came in and talked to the family, filled out the paperwork, and we withdrew care. the next day, the chief resident came to see me. he backed me into the med room yelling at me. his opening shot was "do you think the resident is a liar?"

    "huh?" i replied, oh so articulately.

    "the only reason to go above the resident's head to the attending is if you think he's lying to you. did you think he's a liar?"

    fortunately, my charge nurse from the day before had already discussed the situation with the nurse manager and had written it up. the nm straightened out all three individuals: the resident, the chief resident and the attending.

    by the way -- both incidents involved the same attending!
    no surprise there. she's nuts and she's making her spawn nuts, too. you should be commended for not yelling back, although i think you should speak up if such insanity happens again with the three stooges.
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    Originally Posted by Kay1966
    I worked pediatric home health and had a complaint that I refused (true) to plunge the toilet that the sibling of the child I was tending to clogged up. BTW the child I was caring for was a very active 2.5 year old with a trach, feeding tube, multiple med times and breathing tx. Where on earth was I supposed to find time to tend to plumbing and babysitting siblings???

    Did your boss back you up?

    Yes,thank goodness, my manager is awesome! I was almost in tears when I had to talk to her about it. Apparently, they were already running out of nurses willing to work the case for similar reasons. And, the mom was really upset when I didn't want to continue with her case and wanted the manager to let me know she wasn't mad at me... ugh!
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    Quote from ChayaN
    So why didn't you give him the water?
    I wondered that, too.
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    Quote from Insurance RN
    When I worked in MICU, a nurse from the ED complained that I asked too many questions during her report to me, guess I did not need to know VS, IV access, heart rhythm, etc.
    not to mention allergies, last pain Rx, last BM, I&O; Of course, she could have just told you all of these things...
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    Quote from BJLynn
    A nurse complained one time that I had given a flu shot two days early (it was scheduled on the MAR), and had NOT signed it off. This was brought to my attention by the DON. I laughed, and explained the chain of events:

    The resident in question was a lady who desperately wanted to get out of a flu shot. So she told the nurse on duty I had given it two days before. The nurse on duty called me at home and asked me if I had given it on such and such date. I said, no, and I had not even been in the building or at work that day.

    Other nurse: Are you sure you didn't give it to her?
    Me: Yes
    Other nurse: So you are calling Mrs. So&So a liar?
    Me: No, I'm telling you she is mistaken. I gave her her two shots of insulin in her ABDOMEN, but no flu shot in her arm.
    Other nurse: Ok, somebody is lying and I'm confused.

    Apparently she told the DON I had given it to the patient, I just couldn't remember or was lying about it.

    DON: You have a complaint against you. Another nurse said you gave a flu shot and didn't sign it off.
    Me: Well if I managed to do that one, you have a lot of staff that are quite lax in their jobs and shouldn't be quite so worried about me.
    DON: How so?
    Me: That was my day off. If I did it, it means I snuck in the employee door, past the west station, took the medroom keys from the nurse on duty without her noticing, got into the medroom, and then snuck back down the hall, past the nurses station, past about 6 rooms, into this lady's room, gave her the shot, then back up to the med room, disposed of the needle, gave the keys back to the nurse on duty, then snuck out again past the nurses station that is btw, across from the ASSISTED DINING ROOM at DINNER TIME no less, all without ANYONE besides the patient in question seeing me. I'm good but I'm not THAT good.
    DON: I see. Let's just forget this conversation happened. I will give the shot and document it tonite.
    Too bad the DON didn't check to see whether or not you'd actually been at work before she hassled you. And isn't it amazing how many paranoid people we work with? What is up with the nurse accusing you of lying or, if not lying, not knowing whether you did or did not do something? She is just one of several mentioned on this thread who sound genuinely mentally ill.
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    I worked with a male nurse that complained to the NM that I didn't like him because I was jealous that he was more feminine than me. He was right about one thing I didn't like him but only because he was a crappy nurse.
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    Once I gave a suppository to a LOL with low Na.

    I had explained to her how it was going to be given.

    The next day the story went that I had invited a "gang of black guys to watch" Admittedly she was very confused and there was an African CNA with me (we are both female). But what made me cross is that Social services and her family took the complaint seriously for a day or two.
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    I put up an antibiotic and realized the doctor had not ordered blood cultures I asked him and he thanked me and said yes. I already had everything connected and ready to go all it needed to be was turned on (this is a place where there is a phlebotomist who works strictly for the ED. I called and they said they would be there. 15 minutes passed and still no tech and it was the change of shift. I reported what I did about the line being ready to go just awaiting the tech but the next morning I got 2 incident reports stating 1)I put up an abx and did not turn it on. and 2) I hung it above the IMed pump as a secondary line instead of at the proximal port of the IV. ??? I explained about the reason I did not turn on the pump and why I used the pump to give an abx (the policy was use a pump for all abx given over greater then 30 minutes). I had to get a witness who overheard me about the IV but I was amazed I actually had to explain why I used a pump for the abx at all. Some people need lives.
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    I went into a patients room not too long ago, to find a visitor (a very large one at that), lying on the patients freshly made and neat bed while the patient was sat out in a chair.
    I politely reminded him that it was hospital policy that visitors must not sit (or lie) on the beds.
    He subsequently made a written complaint about me. The hospital supported me 100% on this issue, but the complaint still went down on my record.
    When your wrong, your wrong. When your right, your wrong.
    You can't win !!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have had several complaints made against me by relatives, all of which have been unfounded and ridiculous. I received full support from senior staff and management, and the complaints were not upheld, but they still go down on my record!!! I am the only male nurse on our ward, even my ward manager says that because of this, I am singled out and targeted by relatives who cannot comes to terms with their loved ones illness, and use the complaint system to satisfy their frustration.

    Have any other male nursing staff had this kind of problem?
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    Quote from stevielynn
    I don't know the exact circumstances of your experience but the nurse I mentioned, who accused me of not liking her because I didn't look at her during report (we are all facing a wall, not each other) ALSO interrupts during report and that drives everyone crazy. Let me finish, then ask questions. It throws me off to be interrupted all the time.


    I hate to be interrupted every other sentence with a question. And usually it's something I just haven't gotten to yet. I usually tell the person...."I was getting to that, please let me finish and I'll be glad to answer your questions"
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