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There is a doctor (and I use that word lightly to describe him) at our facility who has a rotten reputation. He treats the nurses and the patients like crap....the other day he cussed out another... Read More

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    Great info @ Nurse Advocate website, under workplace violence:
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    Reminds me of when I was 81/2 mo preg, and a doc wanted me to give him my chair...Ha!

    I said, "Doctor X, how DARE you ask a PREGNANT woman who has benn on her fett ALL NIGHT with a post-op TEETHING infant, for her chair?? LOOK at my ankles, I have +4 edmea for heaven's sake!!!!! Ths is the first I have sat all shift, and NO, you may NOT have my chair!!"

    You should have seen the look on his face...priceless!!!!! Not to mention the looks on the resident's and my co-worker's faces who were doing their est not to laugh out lodud. I mean Really, what an azz!
    Extreemly WELL said.
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    When I was pregnant I was bringing an MD some patient concerns of mine and after the first he told me that "it's not an aneurysm if it's an arteriovenous graft" Questioning my semantics. Then he asked me when I went on maternity leave and where my nurse supervisor was (who wears more makeup than I do)

    After the second concern, where I was pulling serous fluid out of a graft, I asked what he wanted to do about it. Again the semantics argument "did you keep it for me?" No the technician aspirated the fluid out and started the dialysis treatment. After that he gives me a condescending look down and says "when are you going on maternity leave again?"

    As if to imply that my brain is mish mash from the baby hormones.

    He once asked a stem cell patient if those "dead embryos" are working for her. When a coworker answered the phone he asked her "are you the caucasian with shoulder length hair or are you the african one with the stick on hair?"

    Every time he does something questionable we write him up. A nurse who was hired from a local hospital ICU tells me that he is a laughingstock; we are the only facility that allows him to round. All of his patients hate him, but no other nurses really vigiliantly document the incidents so he is allowed to get away with that crap.

    So....there is a way to document these incidents! Please do! Otherwise we bring it upon ourselves.

    On a side note, I am leaving my current job in favor of another and when he found out he said "wow I'm really going to miss you" I replied "wow, you give me a hard time all the time that is suprising."

    His response "I know I can be a miserable &$%$hole sometimes"