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  1. I'm currently an EMT, but I'm planning to apply to a master's entry program soon.From my own experiences, some of the ER nurses are disrespectful to EMT's. Some nurses don't appreciate the care EMT's give, although limited, in the pre-hospital setting. Sure, nurses are much more skilled and have more knowledge for patient care, but they should at least be polite and professional. I've been ignored and even called "nothing but taxi drivers" and it really upsets me, but I just laugh it off and act as if they were joking, even though they weren't. I find it ironic that some of these nurses treat us like this yet they wonder why some doctors do the same to them. At least I know how it feels so that I know not to do this when I become an NP.
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    Your right. Idk why there is this rift between the two. Emts are experts at pre-hospital emergency care. Nurses are experts at In-house emergency care and extended care, although some are thorough in the pre-hospital arena as well in states where the PHRN (Pre-Hospital RN) is utilized. I think because nurses are trained in a little bit of everything some may feel superior. Idk why. Both ate awesome. No one should be disrespected or looked down upon, not even the hospital housekeepers who mop the floors.
  4. by   TheCommuter
    The sometimes adversarial relationship between nursing and EMS has been frequently discussed on these forums.

    Here's a link to a discussion that I started nearly five years ago. It amassed more than 100 responses from nurses, EMTs, and paramedics:

    Here's a link to a very recent discussion started by a LTC nurse who has been dealing with undeserved nastiness from EMS personnel:
    Horizontal Violence - EMT's and Paramedics VS LPN's and RN's
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    I think many people are just ignorant of the 'discipline' of health care that EMS represents. I am a nursing student, but my mother is retired paramedic of 28 years.

    EMS care is about HOMEOSTASIS- on a physiological level. And it's about so much more on a personal level.
    EMT-Ps are authorized to perform interventions that RNs cannot perform without an order.

    Many people do not understand the roles and the differences between them.

    Interesting sociological point- I have witnessed EMS vs RN tension even at the student level. Our nursing school building is part of a whole allied health building where EMTs, LPNs, CNAs, and Surg Techs are also trained. I've heard student EMTs remark about the attitudes of nurses. We should do a study to find out why!

    I am def. interested in this and will read the above linked threads.