Need Advice: (Alz. unit) Was told I don't support my CNA's enough

  1. Hi and Thank You to all who are willing to share advice to my concern!!!

    Alz. floor nurse X few months working with 2 CNA's (not always the same 2). 3 CNA's told me different positive reasons they like me as their nurse. A couple CNA's rarely say anything to me (and only speak to the residents when necessary) and seem very disinterested with the job.

    One CNA who works most frequently, has difficulty staying on task and wastes time anxiously repeating there plans instead of just getting the job done. This CNA knows how to perform well when upper level staff are around and therefore they have stated this is one of the best CNA's on the unit. When I started on this unit I tried giving honest praise and saying Thank You to this CNA however the CNA's response was very adamant not to Thank for doing the job as if saying Thank You was unnecessary and therefore considered demeaning.

    This CNA has an occasional "good mood" day, but most days is loud and anxious, often trying to rush residents. CNA often states in a gruff, agitated tone, that this resident won't come to dinner etc. and that the nurse is going to have to go and get the resident. When other CNA's care for the same resident's they use their dementia training skills and find a pleasant way to get residents to come for dinner etc. I rarely have to direct the other CNA's on how or when to do the tasks of their job, they know what needs to be done and what timing to best complete ADL's with their assigned residents. This CNA will spend so much time grumbling when asked to do something that I just do a lot of the tasks myself which puts me behind on my nursing work.

    Recently upper level staff told me some CNA's say I don't give them enough support and they don't want to work with me. I was not told which CNA's said this or given input on what support the CNA's feel is lacking. I want our work atmosphere to be calm and enjoyable while still getting the job done and I certainly don't intend to not be supportive of the CNA's.

    Any suggestions on how to best support the CNA's on an Alzheimer's unit would be greatly appreciated.

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  3. by   jadelpn
    Sometimes, there is just a personality conflict. Which shouldn't have a place at work, but it does.

    I would say to all of the CNA's at the start of the shift something along the lines of: "I know you all know how to do your jobs. Thank goodness, as I couldn't do what I do without you. I need you to be aware that I support your practice 100%. We are in this together, it is not always easy, and I know if you have difficulties with residents, you come to me and we can figure it out. We can support each other, and that is how I would like our shifts to run. Thanks again so much for all you do".

    Just by the nature of an Alzheimer's unit, it can get stressful, and the course of care for the shift is not always known, and you really do have to expect the unexpected. Bless you and your team for all you do, as it is, in my opinion, a difficult specialty.