More Proof That Surgeons Are HUGE JERKS! - page 2

I know I know not all surgeons and docs are like this, but in all my years as a nurse this is the most rude I've ever seen any doc. So had an elderly patient last shift who came in due to a fall.... Read More

  1. by   limaRN
    Yes, his response is rude. In working with a lot of surgeons I've learned to take a deep breath and let it go. You can only control your response, not his. While he threw a tantrum like a 2 year old you stayed professional and did the best you could to take care of the pt.
  2. by   Rhi007
    That is such a small minority of surgeons and doctors that to say ALL is wrong, although in this situation he sounds like a complete tool I've worked with amazing staff!!! Maybe pulling the chief surgeon aside and explaining exactly what you witnessed and what you did as the pt's nurse may have helped defuse the situation, I'm guessing that all infusions were charted with times they were started and not just ' 2ltrs NS STAT'
    Hopefully each litre was charted with time started etc, that way nursing staff cannot be yelled at, as for the ER doc copping it, is there a reason that she didn't grow a pair and tell the chief surgeon exactly her role??? At my workplace this kind of bollocks is not tolerated at all and nursing staff will generally pull a doc up on his behaviour if inappropriate with no ramifications.