How to deal with lazy and rude coworkers?

  1. I've been working in M/S for 6 months and 95% pts give me positive feedback which encourage me keep going. However, I really don't know what to do when my charge nurse neither take pt nor help others. The charge nurse even unwilling to help me to sign the med which delivered by pharmacy while I was busy for my pt. As I know, she brings gift to manager sometimes. I am confused why can't charge take patients? I see them chatting and laughing most of the time. I also feel bad when I ask CNA help to change my pts and some of them said they are busy now, then go away. I noticed that such co-workers have over-time break. So sometimes I try to do my best to help pt coz' I can't find out CNA. So far, I only took once break since I work here. I always stand by whenever they need me. I told my preceptor that I will not stay in this unit for a long time. My strength is limited and some co-workers just treat co-workers and pts in this way.
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  3. by   tatara
    I suggest that you make an anonymous letter addressed to the unit manager or the department head and complain. There's nothing wrong in being assertive, but I must also say that each time you encounter co-workers who do not deserve the gratitude and appreciation you receive from your clients, take a deep breath and try to feel blessed because you are not like them. Remind yourself that nursing isn't really easy, and part of being a nurse is learning to deal with lazy and rude co-workers with positive attitude so you can preserve your pride and your self-worth as you serve and care for your patients. Please pray.
  4. by   stressgal
    In my facility we take patient's when we are in charge. Some people are better at assisting while in charge than others. These are the nurses who are normally team players. I think you will come across a lot of different "styles" of nursing. Find the people you want to emulate and stick close, develop relationships. If your unit self schedules attempt to schedule yourself with the team players. I also believe you should voice concerns through the chain of command. Finally remember that you can really only control your own practice. Do as you know is right and go home each day confident that you cared for your patients to the best of your ability. Good luck, and don't get too discouraged.
  5. by   eriksoln
    "How to deal with lazy and rude coworkers?"

    I leave them alone. People of this nature are like..............unfair taxes. Everyone hates them, lots of people verbalize a disliking of them, lots of people take up very active campaigns to stop them. Yet for some reason, they strive and survive.

    Realizing I am not "The new sheriff in town" is of the utmost importance. I'm not saying turn a blind eye towards the issues, there are ways to keep their bad energy from interfering with me, but in the end, they are going to do as they please.

    I dont go out of my way to assist people like this. If they are not a team member when I am in need, I am not going to treat them like one when they are in need (with regards to switching days and favors like that, not pertaining to pt. safety).

    Its that simple. Then, if enough people agree with me that this person is not a team member and do the same, eventually the person will find themselves drowning and no one to throw them a line.
  6. by   diane227
    As the charge nurse on my shift 3-11, med surg ortho floor 34 beds, we are really busy but I always try to help the staff. For the most part I am the person on that shift who has been a nurse for the longest period of time. I sign off all orders and review all lab results. I make sure nurses are notified of all abnormal labs or stat orders. I help start IV's, answer call lights, etc. What ever needs to be done. I try to help everyone. I can't imagine a charge nurse not doing this. We are the extra pair of hands and we should be everywhere we are needed. I consider myself to be the trouble shooting person.