gift ideas for christmas to co-workers - page 2

hi everyone!!! its that time of the year again and we are exchanging gifts to each other at my work. what do you think is a good gift to give to co-worker? do you think giving a gift certificate... Read More

  1. by   canoehead
    Baked goods and gift certificates for coffee and treats are always a hit.

    I tend to anticipate next year's secret santa exchange in January. I go online to the "clearance page of my favorite stores. You can get great stuff for 50% off, and cut your next year's list in half. If you shop online you get LOADS of catalogues in the weeks up to Christmas that will give you great ideas for everyone on the list. Worth the shipping just for that, I get about 5 catalogues a day from now unitl Christmas. What I don't need I just bring in to work for everyone else.