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What are your thoughts and ideas about this... many people that I work with are married to people that they met working but I can see how it could be very complicated as well.... Read More

  1. by   HippyGreenPeaceChick
    Quote from Lenee925
    Where I work now, we have two people who are apparently in love after cheating on both their spouses; subsequently moving in together shortly thereafter. That's not the worst. The guy's daughter works here and has to witness all the lunchtime jaunts to the local Motel 6. When he dumps her, (which he will because he has even propositioned me, almost prompting a sexual harassment issue) there will be even more drama than before to be reluctantly witnessed by all of us here.

    That all sounds so sad and fraught with potential for harm to all.
  2. by   eriksoln
    Actually, the question you are bringing to the table is becoming more and more popular.

    With the state of the economy, single people are forced to spend more and more time at work. A lot of people who I know personally are working two jobs, one FT the other PT or casual. This means more time at work, less time for being social. Witness the increase in internet dating and quick introduction services.

    Work tends to take on an added significance in the person's life, and they socialize with co-workers more. Lunches, movies, card games, house warming parties, baby showers at one person's house or the others. All sorts of socializing going on that I didnt see before during my first two years of nursing.

    The natural course is to get to know someone socially in a group such as these, then move on into considering dating when there is an attraction. I dont have a problem with it as long as you keep your stuff off the unit.

    The problem though is, like I mentioned before, with the economy. Jobs are more scarce right now. Facilities are bolder/braver in setting down rules that they wouldnt have dreamed of a few years ago. If they find out you are dating someone, they may be on the lookout for a reason to fire you. They will have your replacement within a week, why not?

    So, I think it is a personal choice. You have to decide for yourself if the risk is worth it.

    For me, I met my current wife on the unit. I was a CNA at the time, she was an RN. She offered to let me move in with her during my last semester at school so I could work part time. The stipulation was that I get a CNA job on another unit or at another hospital. She/we didnt want to put on the "cloak and dagger" act anymore, it was too difficult. So, I moved in to her house and off the unit.