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The local hospital, belonging to the large chain, has an opening for nurse auditor.

Have the following information only, must be an RN, you work for the accounting department, and audit medical records and the computer system (nurses do computer charting, med administration on computer) for when the insurance companies have questions about charges. I quess it's on the job training, and Monday through Friday day shift.

Doesn't sound too bad to me. Sounds better than direct patient care in med-surg for sure.

The state does require an RN to work so many hours in order to keep the license renewed so I am wondering if this type of work would count, I guess I would need to ask the BON about that.

Does anyone have any info about this type of position and any opinions, positive or negative?

Thanks in advance.


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I did some third party medical bill auditing for awhile, and worked with facility bill auditors to resolve discrepancies and questions about accounts/bills. Insurance companies would withold 10% of payment pending audit if their 'red flags' came up on a bill, they would call my contractor and one of us would go to the facility and try to work with the inhouse auditor to resolve the questions and get the remainder of the bill paid.

This may be what this job entails, or it may involve more detailed analysis ie DRG's, ICD9 billing,etc. i learned a lot in that job but got tired of haggling after a few years...LOL!

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