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Hey everyone!

So a little about me, I will be retaking my NCLEX when I am already ready. I have earned my BSNursing in the Philippines batch 2013. I was a nurse back there and had 2years of experience. Got back here and worked as a caregiver for Dementia and AD pts for 1 year and a half. Went back to school here to remove my deficiency for MS nursing- I went to CSUSB. Had my clinical internship at Arrowhead for the whole summer of 2017. And now I am working for DaVita as PCT, i am under their Star program where they are sending me for theory class and skills, so i could meet the requirements so I could take the state exam for a hemodialysis tech. I will be finishing the whole theory and skills this August, then will just complete the pt contact hours so i could finally take the State exam. At the same time I am working as a nurse attendant in a hospital- but I don't have a CNA certificate and my director is well aware- because when I applied I was on the process of submitting my paperworks so I could just challenge it instead of going back to school for it. So 2 weeks ago I got my eligibility to challenge the CNA state exam. But i havent taken it yet because of my exams quizzes for my PCT training and all that. But I am going to take it soon enough (CNA). So now, I have applied for Kaiser and UCLA for CNA position, do you guys think I stand a chance, despite of my presented situation? Thank you :) and this is only a per diem position.

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I am not a nurse attendant. But based on your post, you're making good steps for your goal. Having two jobs is not easy, but many have done it and are still doing it. So you can do it as well! Pursue your NCLEX. Take it again. Prepare for it. Once you pass that, you will have options to either work in Davita as RN or other hospitals. There are a lot of RN jobs out there. Just because you have two jobs doesn't mean you'll just say you'll take your NCLEX when you're ready. Don't lose your drive to take it again and again. Weigh your options: having two jobs as PCT and CNA or just being an RN?

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