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So I had an interesting interview and was "conditionally hired" for an amazing nurse aide job. I am so excited for this job because it is at my dream hospital that I would love to work for once I graduate. I love the floor, the people, everything. I have worked extremely hard to maintain an excellent GPA, I volunteer at a clinic, I have excellent recommendations from professors, all in all I feel I have worked so hard to make myself a competitive applicant as a nurse aide and in the future when I graduate as an RN. Going back to school to get another degree to follow my dream was completely my choice and my financial responsibility. When I first went back to school I struggled financially and made some very poor choices with my credit cards. I have worked really hard to restore my credit but have had some missteps along the way. I have had to learn the hard way how to be financially responsible. In every other area of my life I have always done the right thing, worked extremely hard, and have always been an upstanding individual.

Long story short, the hospital that I was conditionally hired at asked me to sign paperwork that would allow them to run a credit report. I got the feeling that if I refused to sign the paperwork that I wouldn't be hired so I did. Now I am so embaressed by what they must be finding out about me. It's like all of my skeletons are coming out after I have worked so hard to move beyond my poor choices. The hospital has called all of my employers for the past 10 years, which I have no problem with because I have been a good employee, but they have asked my past employers for proof of salary. My old boss called me to let me know that he felt that the hospital was being unnecessarily intrusive and rude with the questions that they were asking him about me. He doesn't disclose employee salary rates and the hospital said that they'd had me sign a release and he still refused and he said the hospital was really pressuring him. This is for a nurse aide job why on earth would they need to know old salary rates?

I feel like my past financial difficulty does not reflect on my nursing ability at all. I was never dishonest, or stole, I always worked to make payment plans, and pay what I could when I could. I definately got in over my head but have worked hard to dig myself out of that situation. I know companies argue that people with bad finances in general don't make good employees but I disagree. Once someone get's financial stability with a job that can help them recover from a difficult financial situation? What about giving people a second chance in life? When did finances become such an important part of being a good nurse? Should someone with a 3.8, excellent references, good work ethic, and a genuine passion for nursing be turned away because of a low credit score? Now I am just utterly dejected and embarassed and worried that I'll never be hired when I graduate. If I don't get hired for this position I know I have no chance once I graduate. I'm just so sad and worried...The thought of getting a phone call from the hospital saying I'm sorry we can't hire you because of your credit report is beyond horrifying. Has anyone been is a similar situation, have any advice, or words of wisdom?


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I've heard some hospitals in the area have started asking for credit reports. So far my facility only does a background check. I'm not really sure what the thought process is behind the credit report. I've heard that bad credit means you are more likely to steal narcs and such. Personally my credit has stunk for years due to divorce issues and my now present husband having medical problems. But it does not affect me being a good nurse.

On a side note, my car insurance premiums went up also because my credit wasn't what they define as "good". No speeding tickets. 2 accidents in 20 years (both not my fault) - go figure. Do you drive worse because of credit?

I would love to see some stats the show that bad credit = bad worker/narc stealer or bad credit = bad driver.

I hope everything works out for you. Don't give up hope until you heard back. It is very possible that they are looking for something way off in your credit report. :heartbeat

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my hospital hired me with my credit score as a factor, they told me flat out that it is consdiered in the hiring process, luckliy my credit score is good enough to be hired there..... it seems to be coming more the norm now. i heard they look at your credit report because some companies feel if you pay your bills on time , then you are a good employee. one hospital here in the city i work in look at your credit report to see if you owe them money..or haven't paid your bill, if you owe them money they won't hire you.... one nurse told me this particular hospital wouldn't hire her because she owed them money and declared bankrupcty and they didn't hire her for that reason... pretty scummy deal i think....

i wish you the best of luck and hope this hospital isn't petty. they look more at the person and not the credit record.

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To confirm your salary at that one job ... I suggest getting an old pay stub or a copy of the deposit from your bank if possible and offer it to the hospital as evidence. Explain that your former employer had called you and told you that he would not release the information -- and that you wanted to be sure that the hospital received the information it requested.

You may not like the fact that past mistakes are catching up with you, but don't let that stop you from doing everything you can now to get the job you want. Follow up with the hospital and make sure you get them whatever information they want. That may help you overcome your bad financial history.

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