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NUR3345 Starting Nov 2

by shadownurse9 shadownurse9 (New) New

I'm starting this first nursing class in the RN-MSN program Nov. 2. Just wondered if any of my classmates were here. Also starting HIST1312 on Oct 19.

Hey Shadownurse9! I am registered in Hist1312 starting on Oct 19th, as well as NURS 3345, and POLS 2311!

Are you taking the on-line classes?

Yes, all online, you?

Yes, though I just got accepted, so haven't started anything yet, well that is not all together true,

when I saw I'd need to take another MATH class I really started to worry!

I missed the Oct 14 enrollment dead line to take anything so soon.

Still excited though.

So when will you be starting? Spring? Do you have any idea what you will be taking? I love UTA so far!

Not yet, I need to think about which one I'll take first. I was told I didn't get my transcripts in on time for the Nov enrollment. Although I just got my acceptance letter, so it looks like I can sign up for classes now, very confusing!

You should be able to take NURS 3345 on provisional acceptance, but I would call tomorrow and check on transcripts etc. I have a friend that just finished NURS 3345 and she said it was not bad at all!

Hello all! I plan to start Professional nursing 3345 this November 2. Hope we can connect.

I am starting Prof Nursing 3345 Jan, 25, 2016, Wondering if anyone has an input about the course and what can be done to succeed?

I'm starting on the 25th too.

Hello All!!!

I'm starting the online RN-BSN this Fall!!!

How is it so far??

Any advise on Nursing 3345????

I have history 1and 2

Upper nursing elective

And the remaining nursing courses...

I'm in no rush but I've never taken 1 class in 5 weeks. This format will be new for me.

Any advice or input would help.