NSNA...is it worth it??


I'm still doing my prereqs, not applied anywhere yet (though i have VCU in mind:nuke:) is joining the NSNA (Nursing Student Association) worth it now? Or ever even? It's $30 plus state dues.

Any input would be great!


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It looks good on a resume. And it can give you good experience if your association is active in the community. I would research it out. Do they have events, do they perform community service and are you willing to participate at some level? I want our association to hold blood, bone marrow and organ drives this year and I plan on being involved (my time is limited) but organ donation confirmed my want to be a nurse & saved my son's life. Good luck!


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I am in my NSNA and I love it. Not only have I been able to be active in the community and at some local hospitals but out NSNS also offers tutoring and peer assistance. This has all been so valuable. They also monthly bring in guest speakers from different RN fields to talk so you can really get a feel for what that RN specialty does. It is worth it in my opinion.

Good luck in your process.


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My daughter is in the school of nursing at VCU and loves it.